Welcome to Theology Impact! We exist to help people learn how Christian leaders from centuries ago answer today’s spiritual questions.

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Quick Overview:

People ask tough spiritual questions. Often, the answers they get are from friends or pastors sharing their own current beliefs. But here’s the thing: they weren’t the first person to think about and ask these questions! We’re here to bring perspective.

For centuries, Christians have asked hard questions about faith, and at times have argued over what should be deemed the correct spiritual belief. Our desire is to provide historical answers to these tough questions.

Theology is more than head knowledge; it impacts daily living and practical decisions. We write in depth articles so you can learn about the history of the Christian church and hear how Christians of the past have answered tough theological questions.

About Our Theology:

Our authors are a group of Evangelical Christians. We all firmly hold to the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed and love Jesus passionately. When we write, we try to ensure we share multiple viewpoints on an issue. This way, you can learn about the views and decide for yourself, rather than being force-fed beliefs. We also try to include resources so you can dig deeper into a topic.

Theology Impact Behind the Scenes:

In addition to providing impactful content, we want to use this nonprofit as a way for people to learn new skills and knowledge and apply that training on real projects. What would you love to learn or focus on for your career, even if you don’t have that experience now? We may be in need of that kind of help and would love to teach you and have you apply those skills for our nonprofit. (Who knows, maybe this experience could even help you land a job doing it at some point!)

Whether you’re an expert or you hope to one day become one, we’d love for you to help us. If you’re an expert, we’d love your help mentoring and coaching new learners. If you are looking to learn new skills in an area where you have limited experience, we have a training framework to help interns / volunteers learn. This typically includes online classes, coaching by one of our subject matter experts for specific disciplines, and real live projects applying that learning for Theology Impact. This combination of classes, coaching, and practice has been proven by neuroscience to be an effective form of learning.

We’re excited to be launching this website and hope you’ll subscribe, comment, and engage with our community. We want to chat with you and help you learn!

– The Theology Impact Team