Digital Marketing Manager

Who will love this job

  • A creator – You like to think outside the box, and solve challenges in new ways. You enjoy trying different techniques in your work, even if they haven’t been done before.
  • A social media aficionado – Instagram is on your first page of apps, you know exactly what grandma is doing on Facebook, you cried when Twitter extended its character count, and for kicks, you are reading Bill Gates’ latest blog post on LinkedIn.
  • A designer – You love taking words or ideas and turning them into beautiful visuals. You know Photoshop and Illustrator like the back of your hand.

Individual Contributor or Manager/Mentor

  • Individual contributor or manager/mentor – We are interested in people who want to be individual Digital Marketing Manager Volunteers. We are also interested in those who want to volunteer AND mentor/manage interns. Both are possibilities, and it is up to you to decide which path you’re more interested in.
  • Optional: A mentor – You value the opportunity to pour into younger colleagues by coaching and leading them to reach their full potential.

What you will do

  • Develop and lead marketing campaigns that educate and attract people to interact with the website and strengthen the current community surrounding Theology Impact.
  • Implement influencer marketing strategies to raise brand awareness.
  • Design visuals that embody the new articles that are published on the website.
  • Develop a design aesthetic that is uniform throughout all of Theology Impact’s publications and materials.
  • Optional: Work with digital marketing interns to run marketing campaigns that increase Theology Impact’s website traffic and engagement.

What you should have

  • A familiarity with photo editing software, or a desire to gain familiarity with top platforms.
  • A familiarity with email newsletter design software, like Mailchimp.
  • A knack for synthesizing complicated ideas into larger themes and visuals.
  • An interest in marketing, advertising, and the like.
  • Motivation to set goals and deadlines and the tenacity to hit them.
  • Optional: A spirit of mentorship that gives helpful feedback and enjoys developing the interns’ marketing and professional skills.

Pay, perks, and such

This volunteer position is unpaid in a monetary sense, but the team believes that Theology Impact presents a unique opportunity to use your skills and passions for a good cause that furthers God’s kingdom. We all work 100% remote embracing today’s digital age. In day-to-day work, it is a position that encourages freedom to develop and run with ideas that you yourself come up with, as well as the possibility of coaching others to implement these ideas. Additionally, if you chose to mentor interns, this is a great opportunity to help others develop their professional skills.