Content Writer/Article Writer

Who will love this volunteer position

  • A writer – Whether it is a journal, novel, or news article – you love words, adore sentence structure, and cherish punctuation.
  • A history fan – You believe in the importance of history and wish that everyone realized that if people took more time to study history, it might stop repeating itself.
  • A theologian – You read the early church fathers for fun, will debate the merits of the five points of Calvinism late into the night, and use Biblical commentaries as dumbbells.
  • A researcher – You love to dig for that perfect source, and know how to turn technical or ancient jargon into meaningful prose that can be digested by all.

Individual Contributor or Manager/Mentor

  • Individual contributor or manager/mentor – We are interested in people who want to be individual contributors who are excited to create great work themselves. We are also interested in those who can create great work AND mentor/manage interns. Both are possibilities, and it is up to you to decide which path you’re more interested in.
  • Optional: A mentor – You value the opportunity to pour into younger colleagues by coaching and leading them to reach their full potential.

What you will do

  • Volunteer will publish articles about contemporary theological issues from the viewpoint of historical theologians. These should be robust, well-researched articles that present both sides of a theological argument to allow the reader to make their own informed decision.
  • Manage and meet deadlines for providing content on a set schedule.
  • Optional: Work one-on-one with content writer interns, giving helpful feedback and edits in order to produce well-written theological articles. Volunteer will be adept at fact-checking the students’ research to ensure the essays are factual and appeal to an audience that may not have a familiarity with Christian jargon or Biblical teachings.

What you should have

  • An interest in content writing, blogging, and the like.
  • Impeccable written skills that produce work that is enjoyable, informative, and approachable.
  • Motivation to set goals and deadlines and the tenacity to hit them.
  • Optional: A spirit of mentorship that gives helpful feedback and enjoys developing the interns’ writing and professional skills.

Pay, Perks and such

This volunteer position is unpaid in a monetary sense, but the team believes that Theology Impact presents a unique opportunity to use your skills and passions for a good cause that furthers God’s kingdom. We all work 100% remote embracing today’s digital age. In day-to-day work, it is a position that encourages freedom to develop and run with ideas that you yourself come up with, as well as the possibility of coaching others to implement these ideas. Additionally, if you chose to mentor interns, this is a great opportunity to help others develop their professional skills.