Volunteer with Theology Impact

We’re looking for volunteers to help us grow and make a difference in the world for God’s Kingdom. We work remotely across the globe so you can too!

Coach and Lead Others as a Volunteer

In addition to providing impactful content, we want to use this nonprofit as a way for people to learn new skills and knowledge and apply that training on real projects. To do that, we need people to coach and lead those interns and volunteers. Interested in helping build and shape people to reach their full potential? We’d love your expertise as a part time or full time volunteer!

Learn New Skills as a Volunteer

What you would love to learn or focus on for your career, even if you don’t have that experience now? We may be in need of that kind of help and would love to teach you and have you apply those skills for Theology Impact. (Who knows, maybe this experience could even help you land a job doing it at some point!)

Volunteer Opportunities

Don’t see what you’re interested in above?  Still apply using the General Application.