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What is Vocation, and How Do I Find Out What Mine is? Four Theologians’ Perspectives on Career and Vocation

SUMMARY The question of vocation--what it is, and how we should pursue it--crops up all the time in the Christian life. Though countless theologians have studied it, there are four whose perspectives are particularly helpful: Martin Luther, Karl Barth, Simone Weil, and Andrew Davison. These four thinkers, presented in chronological order, can help [...]

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Why is God “He”? Views on Gender and God

How should we use gender to talk about God? Summary: Three main approaches to using gender to talk about God: progressive/feminist, gender neutral, traditional masculine approach. Progressive/feminist argues that we need to expand our vocabulary beyond the Bible’s male-centered language of God the Father and God our Lord. Gender-neutral argues that we do [...]

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Suicide and the Church: Sick Unto Death

Summary How have Christians thought about suicide over the centuries? We explore: Personal story A common misinterpretation Biblical foundations for suicide discussions What past theologians have to say on suicide Closing personal remarks Introduction I had a time, and a plan. Things had gone as bad as they could, for about as long [...]

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Solving the Body-Soul Problem

For a lot of my friends and family members, time has passed slowly over the last few weeks. So many people that I love are plastered with a somber, quiet stillness. Earlier this month, a car full of college students—who many people in my community knew through Young Life ministries—were traveling to [...]

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Xmas or Christmas?

Have you heard Christians express their frustration with society for abbreviating “Christmas” as “Xmas”? Sweatshirt by spreadshirt Or seen people on Facebook saying “Put Christ back in Christmas”? There are some who worry that replacing “Christmas” with “Xmas” will further remove the centrality of Jesus Christ from Christmas. However, the [...]

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