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Solving the Body-Soul Problem

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For a lot of my friends and family members, time has passed slowly over the last few weeks. So many people that I love are plastered with a somber, quiet stillness. Earlier this month, a car full of college students—who many people in my community knew through Young Life ministries—were traveling to [...]

How Should Christians Think About and Respond to Gun Violence?

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One Viewpoint: "Though defensive violence will always be 'a sad necessity' in the eyes of men of principle, it would be still more unfortunate if wrongdoers should dominate just men." - St. Augustine Another Viewpiont: "America is a Gun" - Brian Bilston My coworkers and I are gathered in the office in between [...]

How Did Jesus Really Save Us? Exploring the Top Theories of Atonement

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How do we understand the death of Jesus? Why did Jesus have to die, and how exactly does his death result in the forgiveness of sin? In today’s article, we offer an introductory glance at a few key views on the doctrine of the atonement.  Introduction Throughout Church history, every doctrine has been [...]

Contemporary Theological Voices, Pt. 2 – Gustavo Gutiérrez (and his critics)

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We are writing a mini-series to give high level overviews of some contemporary theologians, providing arguments for and against their positions. Part 2 discusses Gustavo Gutiérrez, an 89 year old Peruvian man. How do you say to the poor that God loves you? Liberation Theology offers an answer. A Summary and Explanation of [...]

Contemporary Theological Voices: Pt. 1 – James Cone
 (and His Critics)

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We are starting a mini-series to give high level overviews of some contemporary theologians, providing arguments for and against their positions. Part 1 discusses James H. Cone, an 81 year old Black man. A Summary and Explanation of Black Liberation Theology How does the Christian faith relate to our race and identity? How [...]

What are the Essentials of Christianity?

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Are Catholics Christian? What about the Eastern Orthodox? And the Protestants? These are the three major sects of Christianity, but they are certainly not the only ones. What are the defining beliefs that separate “Christian” from “non-Christian?” Since the 4th century, the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed has been the litmus test for Christian belief. The [...]

Xmas or Christmas?

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Source: spreadshirt.com Have you heard Christians express their frustration with society for abbreviating “Christmas” as “Xmas”? Or seen people on Facebook saying “Put Christ back in Christmas”? There are some who worry that replacing “Christmas” with “Xmas” will further remove the centrality of Jesus Christ from Christmas. However, the fear of [...]

Why We Started Theology Impact

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Welcome to Theology Impact! We exist to help people learn how Christian leaders from centuries ago answer today’s spiritual questions. Quick Overview: People ask tough spiritual questions. Often, the answers they get are from friends or pastors sharing their own current beliefs. But here’s the thing: they weren’t the first person to think [...]